The Mac and Windows Gospel presentations are fantastic – animated, visually appealing, engaging and easy to use.  Great for having on your computer or laptop, preparing you to be able to share with anyone who comes to your home or office.  The windows version also works on some WINDOWS PHONES, so although there is no App in the store for Windows Phone users, this version should work fine if your phone is flash enabled.  You can also use the online version through the browser of any phone.

Want to share the Gospel with a group of people?

Put your laptop through a data projector and you have a fantastic Gospel presentation just ready to be shared!  See this DEMO of how to do this with a crowd.  This footage was taken at a Music Festival in front of 12,000+ people.

The Interactive G7 can work in a small setting like an office or birthday party, or in larger outreaches and crusades.  Download for free below.  Don’t have a Zip program on your computer? Want more info on the Interactive G7?

Mac Version


Windows PC and Phone Version


View Online version here


Gujarati PC Version



View Gujarati Online Version here


Spanish PP Version

Spanish Flag


Childrens Version:

We also have a Childrens PowerPoint version that removes the mention of Hell and instead talks about how we can make it into Heaven.  This normally makes it acceptable to be used in State Schools if done in an appropriate way.  Look at the notes part of the PowerPoint to see what to say.  You can set up your computer to be viewing the notes while the projector shows the PowerPoint show to the children.  You can also download the script here if you would like to learn it off by heart or if you have trouble setting up your PowerPoint to display the notes.

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